They’re At It Again

Every once in a while, you see a TV ad for a website that promises to “speed up” or “clean out” your PC via a website.

Sometimes it’s MaxMySpeed, or CleanUpMyPC or something similar. It all looks so slick and so polished and it has such realistic testimonials from such real-looking people, how is the lay-person supposed to know that its all a scam?

How is it a scam? If you are having virus issues, one of the first symptoms is a lack of internet connectivity.
So, if you cant get to their website, how can they clean up your computer? Simple. They can’t.

And they know it. And they know you dont know it.

Just think about it for a second, these TV ads sound like a miracle cure for computer stresses; if they really worked, wouldnt you be hearing about from other places?

If it sounds to good to be true, can it be true?

Dont fall for a TV ad scam; if you have computer troubles, call a repairman or a repair shop.
They’ll know what to do.