Who Is This Bow Tie Guy, Anyway?

Peter’s PC Computer Repair & IT Services is owned and run by me, Peter Kessler. I am the Bow Tie Guy.

Peter Kessler

I have been involved with computers in some form or another since the days of the Commodore 64, which was my first computer.

My background includes an AS degree in computers and several years of first-hand experience, both at home and in office settings. I have used several generations of computers since my first Commodore. I enjoy tinkering around with both computer hardware and the programs that run on it, and am always finding out new things about computers.

I got into the field of ‘repair’ because of a natural inclination to want to help people. In my first office setting, I became the guy who fixed the software problems on the office computers and taught my boss how to use her computer and the software that computer used. After years of giving out free advice, it was suggested to me that I go into business to help people with their computer problems.

So I did.

And here I am, ready to help you with whatever questions you have and ready to fix whatever ails your computer.

I will explain what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and what it all means.

In clear, jargon-free English; no computer-ese or geek-speak.