Will Denial of Service Attacks be the Future?

Over at PC World, Arbor Networks thinks so. The article lays out several reasons why Denial of Service attacks wont go away any time soon.

Read it here.

But, I hear you asking, what in the world is a denial of service(aka DOS or DDOS) attack?

This is what it is: If you could get ten or a hundred thousand computers to all ask for the same web page (like cnn.com or amazon.com) at the same instant, the computers that contain that one web page (called ‘servers’) would overload and reset (the technical term is ‘fail-over’) and while the servers are resetting themselves, the web page is not available (404: page not found).

While this may sound complicated, think of it this way: When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and everyone was trying to reach their friends and family in New Orleans, the phone system overloaded and callers got the “all circuits are busy” message.
Because everybody wanted to call New Orleans at the same time, nobody got through. This is an accidental denial of service.
When computers do the same thing, it is an intentional denial of service.

Oh, and the second D in DDOS stands for ‘distributed’, meaning widespread.