When your network doesn’t work

Make sure the modem and router are turned on.
Which boxes are the modem and router? Normally they are the ones with the “blinky” lights, the modem is the one with the phone cord or TV-like cable going into it; and the router is the box with the antennas on it.

Make sure the cables are tightly connected.
If any of the cables, especially the ones that look like fat, round telephone cords, are loose in the plugs-ins unplug them and re-plug them in making sure of a tight fight. The fat phone-like cords(which are called “network” or “Ethernet” cables) should make a soft “click when they are plugged in properly.
If the plugs are loose on the end of the cable, replace the cable.

If you right-click on the network icon and click on Properties and the dialog box says there is no “IP address” or “DNS server”, you will need to unplug the power cord from your router, wait thirty seconds, plug it back in, wait for the lights to settle down(about a minute or so) and that should fix the problem.

When in doubt(and Windows says “No Connection”), unplug the router (or the modem if you have no router) first and then try the other suggestions.

Make sure when you plug you network cable back in, you plug it into the plug you took it of of!

If none of this works, your problem needs my attention; call me.