What is Windows 7?

Unless you are a computer geek, you probably have not heard about the newest version of Windows that is in development. This newest version is called Windows 7 (because it is the seventh actual version of Windows).

Since Vista has, relatively, just come out, a person might be excused for thinking ‘Gee, isnt this new version coming out awfully quickly?’ to which the answer is “no, not really.”

Coming out relatively soon after Vista, you should know that Apple routinely puts out new versions of it OS 10 software for the Macintosh every 12 to 18 months; so the unusual part is that Microsoft waits 3 to 5 years between releases, and then expects everyone (businesses and households alike) to buy something entirely new.

Windows 7 looks alot like Vista, and, according to early tests, works alot like Vista but without the problems that plagued Vista when it first came out.

Does this new version of Windows matter? Do you need it, Will you need it?
Answers: Sort of, No and Maybe.
Windows 7 only matters in that it advances technology without forcing a hardware upgrade cycle like Vista did.
Needing it? If XP works for you now, and all you do is email, web surfing and Youtube, then you dont need it now(now meaning the beginning of next year, when it is scheduled for release).
Will you need it in the future? Yes, almost certainly. In the future when all things are possible, you will need the features Windows is promising. They will help you manage your photos, videos, all of the stuff you will be creating and storing.

In the somewhat more realistic future, Windows 7 will look prettier, be easier to manage and help you find all of your stuff faster… if Microsoft can do the one thing they’ve always promised but never done-

Deliver on their promises.