The View On Vista

The news is out! There will be six, count ’em 6, versions of Microsoft Windows Vista released next Spring (or whenever Vista is finally released).
The 3 home version are: Windows Vista Basic – The lowest end of Vista; least gee-whiz features and no fancy desktop, it’ll look mostly like Windows XP.
Windows Vista Premium Edition – Fancy, Mac-like desktop, and security features.
Windows Vista Ultimate Edition – All the gee-whiz features you’ve heard about that are supposed to be included in “Vista;” except the ones Microsoft has said they are leaving out.

In other news, if you are having trouble with your cable modem connection, have Comcast as your provider, and you have Norton Internet Security 2005 installed, Norton may be the problem. Try disabling Norton and then see if the problem goes away.
I ran into this situation this morning with a customer; after uninstalling Norton, the problem went away.
There are a whole host of reasons why you should not use Norton, any product, any version; If you have Norton and you want an effective solution, try (well, just about anything other McAfee is a better alternative) one of the free anti-virus programs available for download off the Internet. These free alternatives are Anti-Vir and AVG ; they are both effective and easy to use. They dont, however, offer all the bells and whistles of Norton. The only real difference between the free programs and Norton is “do you want your computer to be safe” or “do you want lots of fancy features and only the impression of being safe.”