Peter’s PC Computer Repair & It Services offers a broad range of services to meet your needs; whether you need a question answered, want some advice or need diagnosis and repair. If you need to buy a new computer, or want to upgrade your current one, Peter’s PC will get you the best parts for your budget. Peter’s PC Computer Repair & It Services works with any device that connects to your computer including printers, scanners, routers, digital cameras and ipods.


Hardware & Software Diagnostics – $50
Does the part need to be replaced or is it a software problem? If you have me fix any problems, the diagnosis is included in the final price.

Virus, Malware, Spyware Scanning & Removal – $85/hr

Installing or Re-installing any Operating System (Windows or Macintosh) – $100

Installation or Upgrade of Software or Hardware – $50
Any installation that lasts longer than 30 minutes will be charged the one hour minimum.

Data Recovery or Transfer – $85/hr

Laptop Repair – $85/hr

Screen Replacement – $150
Plus the cost of the screen, shipping and tax.

Power Jack Replacement – $150
Plus the cost of the screen, shipping and tax.

Network Set-up & Troubleshooting – Wired & Wireless – $85/hr
DSL & Wireless router set-up.

Consulting & Advice – $85/hr
Answer questions about computers and the Internet.

Custom Build or Upgrade your Computer – Starts at $85/hr + parts, shipping and tax
Should I buy new or build? Is it less expensive to upgrade?

Training – Software & Internet Basics – $50/hr
Help with computer operation & installing/using programs.

PC Tuneup – $85/hr

  • Check for Viruses using a separate Anti-Virus program
  • Check for Spyware
  • Check expansion room for RAM
  • Remove temporary file clutter
  • Optimize Windows startup programs
  • Blow out dust from computer case

Travel Charge – $85/hr
Equal to the time it takes to travel to your location.