RSS, Feeds, and Suscriptions

I’m taking a break from the Inside Your Computer series this week, to talk about bookmarking, feeds, and RSS.

I have been asked how I keep track of all the things I read. Some customers have asked me about “feeds” and “subscriptions,” so I am going to take this time to explain them and what you can do with them.

A “feed” is a continuously updating source of information, like “newsfeed.” The most common type of feed is called RSS: this stands for Really Simple Syndication. When you see the orange symbol to the right, that means that page is followable.

You dont need to enter an email address for an RSS feed, but you do need a program that will let see and read your feeds.

This program is called an aggregator, or “feed reader.” Most email programs have one built in, including Gmail.

As for what i do, I just grab the bookmark icon (called a “favicon”) and left-click drag it to my list of bookmarks.