Online reviews

If you’ve ever searched for anything online, you have no doubt read online reviews for it. Whether it is a piece of clothing, an electronic item or a store or professional service, there are reviews for it.

As an aware consumer, you need to be skeptical of all user reviews because of the anonymous nature of the Internet and the competitive nature of some businesses (like computer repair).

If there are ‘tons’ of negative reviews for a business and few positive reviews, check to see if the negative reviews were posted within a day or two of each other. If there were really that many unhappy customers, the reviews would be spread out and what the people said would be different from review to review (fake reviews tend to say the same thing over and over again).

Also, check the website of the person or company involve to see if the complaints mention thing that the company actually does; for instance, if the website says they never give estimates, but all the reviews claim that the final charge was “over the estimate”, its probably a fake review posted by a competitor.

Also, check other review sites, and see if the review are more even somewhere else.

There, now you are a more informed and knowledgeable consumer.