On Modems and Routers

Sometimes technology just doesnt work.
Most people in large cities and towns have some form of connection to the Internet. Quite a few of these have “broadband”, which is a generic term for a fast connection to the Internet; accomplished by a DSL or cable modem.
Alot of people also have more than one computer, thus needing a way to connect all of them to the Internet easily; hence, the router.Normally, once hooked up, the router and modem work just fine. But, when they dont, the usual fix is to unplug one or both of them and wait.

As it happens, if you have a non-standard or older modem, you have to wait longer. As was the case last night, a lot longer.

Then you plug the modem in first, and wait. A few minutes (or an hour) later, you plug in the router. A few minutes after that, you turn on the computer(s) that you had turned off previously when you unplugged everything else.
Then you wait a few more minutes for everything to load and settle down and decide whether it wants to work properly.

Then you either celebrate your good fortune, or you curse and reach for the phone to call a guy to come out and do the same thing.