On Buying Computer Parts

When you are buying new parts for your computer, or when considering most other electronics purchases as well, there are things you remember before purchasing.

Because there is such a profusion of choices and prices here are some guidelines to help you buy the part or piece of electronics that is right for you:

What are you going to use it for? Think about what you want to do with it, not just today, but will it still meet your needs tomorrow?
What is your budget? You should always buy computer parts that are slightly better than what you think you need. Alway buy as much capacity, storage, speed or whatever as your budget allows. By not being cheap, you will allow yourself room to grow into the full capacity of the component(this dos not necessarily apply to TV’s or stereos).
Complexity is not always the best. Just because a component is complex or offers tons of “extra” features, does not always mean it is the best part for your needs. Yes, you should buy the most capacity or your component, but “capacity”(speed, storage, etc) does not equal “features”(the ability to record TV, being able to output to five different devices all at once, etc.) Dont be afraid to ask the salesperson questions(although you will get better answers if you shop at a store that specializes in the item you are buying).
Highest price is not always the best. Even though you are trying to get the best product for your money, the highest priced item for your budget isnt necessarily the best item for your needs. Be sure to read the side of the box(es) and compare features and capacity. You may find out that the highest priced item in your budget range may not be supported by the computer you have.

There you have it; a few guidelines that I hope have not confused you even more.