New Security Threats

It seems like there are always more threats to look out for. Today, some new ones you might not have heard of.

Variations on ‘phishing’: Voicemail and Twitter.
Voicemail Phishing (“vishing”): A voicemail call (sometimes called a ‘robo-call’) from your bank or a company you’ve recently done business with telling you that a large transaction, usually something you havent done, has been held up.
The call includes a tol free number tha tyou are asked to call right away to fix the problem. Once you do, a voice menu prompts you to key in your credit card number, as well as the expiration date and 3-digit security code on the back. After which, the caller is usually hung up on, or placed on terminal hold.

Twitter Phishing (“twishing”): A fake tweet (blog posts on Twitter are called ‘tweets’) is sent to your account with a link that supposedly sends you somewhere harmless, such as youtube or Flickr, but really sends you to a fake login page where you are asked to give up all of your info.