New malware threat turns out to be only hype

Researchers at the pay-us-to-fix-a-problem-only-we-know-about website have recently been getting alot of press stemming from their conclusion that all anti-virus programs are worthless and helpless in the face of a new threat they have just discovered.

You may have seen screaming headlines declaring “New attack bypasses EVERY Windows security product! “; it turns out that this is mostly hype the website has generated in order for them to make some money by selling a solution to this oh-so-scary sounding problem.

There is a very good article explaining why this is not something to worry about on the Sunbelt Security blog here. Some language may be technical.
The article explains that the portion of Windows this problem exploits has been known about for years, and no-one has been able to take advantage of it yet, because there must be pre-conditions met for this attack to even work.
Your computer must already be infected with a certain type of virus (not just any will do), the attacker, whether human or software, must be able to run a program on your computer without your knowledge, and this particular attack is, for malware, a very large program(which would make you wonder why everything got so slow all of a sudden).

So, in the end, dont believe the screaming headlines. If you are unsure of your protection, call your local friendly repairman. I dont suggest calling the Geek Squad, or your city’s equivalent, because they will see your question as a money-making opportunity, instead of trying to reassure a nervous client.