More than just computers

I often say than I do more than just computer repair, but I imagine people wonder “what other things are there?”
So I thought I would tell you some of the other things I have helped people with.

One day, I was working on a laptop at a customer’s home, and some of their friends arrived with a Wii game system. As I worked along, they were having trouble hooking up the Wii to their big rear-projection TV that used a stereo receiver for for the speakers.

When I had finished repairing the laptop, they were still having trouble getting the sound to work right. I went across the room and asked the husband if he would like my help; full of frustration, he said “Sure.”
I took the RCA a/v cable that Wii comes with and started plugging it into the various likely plugs.

If any of you have ever seen the back of one of the huge projection TV’s or worked with stereos. you know the multitude of various plugs there are. I didnt think there could be so many plug-ins.
After a few minutes of plugging and unplugging, we managed to get the sound working properly.

They paid me for the laptop repair, and thanked me for getting the Wii’s sound to work and I left feeling good that I had not only fixed a laptop, but had taken the frustration of of setting up their evenings entertainment.

So if you need technical expertise outside of your computer, I can help.