How-to: Boot into Safe Mode

A lot of my customers ask “how do you boot into safe mode?”

Here is the procedure: If the computer is off, push the power and as soon as there is any sort of writing on the screen, repeatedly tap the F8 key until the computer beeps or until the Windows Advanced Options Menu appears.

When you arrive at the Advanced Options menu, there will be a list of options which will start with Safe Mode, then Safe Mode with Networking and several others. If you have Windows Vista or Seven, the list will begin with Repair Your Computer.

Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, move down to Safe Mode with Networking, and press Enter.

After 30 seconds or so, you will see the Windows login screen. Click on your user name and wait. You will then see a dialog box that ask if you want to use System Restore or work with Windows. Choose the one appropriate to you need, and you are in Safe Mode.

If you are restarting your computer, the same steps apply once the computer has started up.