Cats are bad for laptops

Especially when they urinate on the keyboard when no-one is looking.

If you have a laptop, and are not sure of your kitty’s temperament, always close the screen on your laptop when you walk away from or are not using it.

If you notice any sort of liquid on your laptop, and it is running, turn it off. DO NOT move your laptop or attempt to drain off the liquid; there are enough cracks and seams on the face of a laptop that any movement will allow the liquid the run inside and cause additional damage.

Instead, take a paper towel or anything handy that is absorbent and pat up the liquid. Once you have patted up all the liquid you can see, remove the battery while keeping the laptop as level as possible.

If the liquid appears clear and is thought to be water, let the laptop sit open so the water can evaporate.

If the liquid appears colored, pat up all the liquid you can, then get a hand towel or several paper towels and lay them over the wet area and gently close the lid.

What we want to happen is that the weight of the lid will force the towel(s) close enough to any remaining liquid so that over the course of several hours or overnight the towel(s) will soak up any remaining liquid.

After letting the laptop sit, replace the battery and attempt to start Windows. If Windows does not start normally, shut down the laptop, remove the battery and call a repair person.

And pray that your backups are up to date. You have been making backups of everything you can’t lose, havent you?