They’re At It Again

Every once in a while, you see a TV ad for a website that promises to "speed up" or "clean out" your PC via a website. Sometimes it's MaxMySpeed, or CleanUpMyPC or something similar. It all looks so slick and so polished and it has such realistic testimonials from such [Read More]

Trojan Horse on Android Phones

Security guru Bruce Schneier has posted an article on his website about a new Trojan Horse program that runs on Android-based mobile phones. Read it here. The article talks about how a malicious program can fool the user into granting permission for the app to search the phone for stored [Read More]

Top Troubleshooting Tools for your PC

PC World has a great article on downloadable programs that can be used to diagnose problems on your PC. Read it here.

Will Denial of Service Attacks be the Future?

Over at PC World, Arbor Networks thinks so. The article lays out several reasons why Denial of Service attacks wont go away any time soon. Read it here. But, I hear you asking, what in the world is a denial of service(aka DOS or DDOS) attack? This is what it [Read More]

New Anti-virus Ratings

PC World has new anti-virus ratings out for the New Year. You can find the article here. The article talks about how well the top paid anti-virus suites are doing not just in protecting you against known threats, but also emerging threats, such as banking-related malware. Still the top rated [Read More]

What does those Blue Screen numbers mean?

If you've ever gotten the Blue Screen of Death you know that there are always numbers there; numbers like 0x000000C. Often these numbers come right after the word STOP. I found a website that lists, in order, all of those stop error numbers and the words that are most often [Read More]

Why you should always encrypt your smartphone

Ars Technica has a great article on why smart phone encryption is a good idea, and also why limited government is a good idea.

New phone coming to Verizon Wireless

In case you haven't heard, the iPhone is coming to Verizon. I can't wait. I'm in the market for an upgrade to my phone and this came at just the right time. I'll let you know the progress.

How to fix desktop shortcuts after uninstalling Google Chrome

If you have used Google's new web browser, Chrome, and decided you dont like it enough to want to uninstall it, you will an unexpected consequence: None of your desktop shortcuts will work. Windows will give you a polite error message about not finding the program you had clicked the [Read More]

A New Year, A New Chance to Keep Posting

This is my third year of promising to post more and more often. Do you suppose this year I'll actually do it? They say third time is the charm; I hope so. Now on to the post. Ten Threats for 2011 Bob Sullivan's Red Tape Chronicles has presented his ten [Read More]