NFC: What is it and should you care

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a very short distance radio signal that would allow you to you use your phone as a credit/debit card; just like the Japanese and some Europeans have been doing for almost 10 years. There are rumors that Apple will be including this [Read More]

What you should know about ‘The Cloud’

When computer people and marketing people talk about 'the cloud', they are talking about doing or storing something on a computer that is only reachable through the Internet. When diagrams of computer networks are drawn out, the Internet has always been represented by a "cloud", because it would be impossible [Read More]

How-to: Adjust your monitor resolution

Are the icons and writing on your computer screen too small, or to large? You need to change the resolution of your screen. Resolution means how many pixels can fit into your screen. You have probably heard of or read somewhere numbers like 800x600 or 1024x768 or something like that. [Read More]

How-to: Get your printer printing again

We've all been there; one moment you're printing and everything's fine, and the next moment the printer is stuck, and even after you clear the paper jam and reset the printer so the light isnt blinking anymore and everything looks fine, the darn thing wont print. You tell it to [Read More]

Microsoft helps prevent attacks on older Office

Most people have an older version of Microsoft Office. Computer attackers know this, so they attempt to attack computers through known loopholes in protection, called "exploits". So Microsoft has a program, called EMET, that helps ward off attacks made through older versions of Office. A PC World contributor has a [Read More]

How-to: Boot into Safe Mode

A lot of my customers ask "how do you boot into safe mode?" Here is the procedure: If the computer is off, push the power and as soon as there is any sort of writing on the screen, repeatedly tap the F8 key until the computer beeps or until the [Read More]

Pros and Cons of At&t buyout of Tmobile

PC World has a short article on what the buyout will mean for you. Here.

Android Security Woes

Life for the Android is just getting tougher all the time. First there is a researcher who finds a way to infect Android phones through the Marketplace(and tells Google about it). Then some enterprising hackers (some of them Chinese) found a way to virus 50 different already existing and popular [Read More]

Two new problems to watch out for.

The first is OddJob, a new trojan horse program, that prevents you from seeing that have not logged out of your banks website. Once OddJob detects that you have clicked on the "log out" or "exit" link, it intercepts and negates that command while sending an image to your browser [Read More]

Anti-virus for Android Phones

As a follow up to my post on a data-stealing Trojan Horse on Android phones, I have seen that AVG has an antivirus program for Android phones. Now your Android phone can be every bit as safe as your home PC. Just make sure to keep that antivirus updated!