An In-Depth Look at Public Wifi Insecurity

Recently, I wrote about the vulnerability of public (or "open") Wifi. Now a reporter for CNN has written an article demonstrating how the wifi-eavesdropping tool called Firesheep actually works. The article is here. I hate to be the guy who rains on everyones parade (like we need more rain!), but [Read More]

Computer Maintenance

Diane, from Real Feng Shui Solutions, has asked recently about "blowing out your computer." (Note that this is different from "blowing up your computer.") Computer get dusty, just like anything else in your house, so you need to occasionally dust them. However, you cant just take a feather duster to [Read More]

RSS, Feeds, and Suscriptions

I'm taking a break from the Inside Your Computer series this week, to talk about bookmarking, feeds, and RSS. I have been asked how I keep track of all the things I read. Some customers have asked me about "feeds" and "subscriptions," so I am going to take this time [Read More]

Inside Your Computer, Part 2: Motherboard

The next component I am going to talk about is the Motherboard. What is it: The motherboard is a printed circuit board that contain all of the circuits, sockets, plugs and power couplings needed to make the computer run. Basically, its where you plug everything in. Where is it: Inside [Read More]

Inside Your Computer, Part 1: Power Supply

Q: Whats a computer without power? A: A boat anchor. The first part of the computer I am going to talk about is the power supply. What is it? The power supply is an electrical transformer that takes house current (120 volts AC) and turns it into 12, 5, and [Read More]

Inside Your Computer, Introduction

In this series, we will take a look inside your computer and explain what the components are and what they do. I will also tell you which parts can be replaced easily and talk about some cautions you will need to know before putting any hands inside the box. If [Read More]

How much RAM is enough RAM?

With the advances in speed and capabilities, as well as the transition from 32-bit to 64-bit computing, this isnt as easy a question as it used to be. First off, what is RAM? Random Access Memory is the workspace your computer uses to do everything it does. RAM is often [Read More]

The Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screens of Death, or blue screens or BSOD's, are those annoying and mysterious screens that pop up and tell you that something horribly wrong has happened to your computer, and that give you the secret code to fixing the problem. Ok, what is a Blue Screen of Death, anyway? [Read More]

Is This the Mac Apocalypse?

For those who dont know or havent heard, in the last month Macintosh computers have been attacked by a fake security program. Generally, fake or "rogue" security programs and warning popups are not harmful to the computer because their creators are looking to convince you to give up your credit [Read More]

Blocking Video Ads

I was asked recently at a blogger support group meeting what could be done about the video ads on some websites that load video and play with volume as soon as the page loads. I agree that this is terribly annoying. There are two things you can do about [Read More]