The Joys of Editing Someone Else’s Webpage

Sometimes, I get asked "Can you make some changes to my webpage/site?" Since I can, and they dont usually take a lot of time, I say "Sure." But sometimes, those small changes can turn into a head-pounding nightmare, where I end up screaming at the ceiling, "Why? Dear God, why [Read More]

Inside Your Computer, Part 4: Fans and Cooling

This is the fourth part in an ongoing series about the parts and pieces that make up the innards of your computer. This time I will talk about the fans and ways of cooling your PC. First off, why do PC's even need cooling? As the electrons that compose electricity [Read More]

An Easy To Use Back-up Plan

Most computer users dont back up their important data at all; some back up occasionally but not often enough. The questions I get when I mention backing up are, "How?" "When?" and "What data?" So, here are the answers and an easy to do plan. How do I back up? [Read More]

An Easy To Use Security Tool

As most of you are aware, security between your computer and the Internet is of utmost importance. In order to assist you with making sure your computer is as secure as possible, here is a link to a website (Gibson Research) which will scan your Internet connection for any open [Read More]

More than just computers

I often say than I do more than just computer repair, but I imagine people wonder "what other things are there?" So I thought I would tell you some of the other things I have helped people with. One day, I was working on a laptop at a customer's home, [Read More]

Why does the computer work for the tech but not for me?

When I go to peoples houses to repair their computers, I always ask the customer to demonstrate the problem they're having. Naturally, when I sit at the computer and turn it on, it works normally. Isnt that just they way things work for mechanics and repairmen? Of course it is; [Read More]

Junk Emails

Question: When I get junk email and add the address to the "blocked sender" list, and create a rule to delete junk email when it comes in, why do I keep getting it? If it were that simple to block spam, the spammers would have gone out of business long [Read More]

‘Indestructible’ Rootkit Gets Upgrade

The Alureon rootkit has just undergone an upgrade according to Russian antivirus firm Kasperkey Labs. It has gone from version 3 to version 4. The original version made it so that Microsoft could not download Windows Updates in an attempt to get rid of it. When Windows updated, the rootkit [Read More]

“1 Little Trick” Ads Are Credit Card Scam

I'm sure you have seen the "1 Little/Simple/Weird old Trick" ads on the edges of websites; in fact, they may be the ad that "ate the Internet." As it happens, the Washington Post is reporting that these ads (and others like them) are doing nothing but taking advantage of people's [Read More]

Inside Your Computer, Part 3: CPU

Part three of this series will look at the CPU: The Central Processing Unit. If the power supply is the lifeblood of a computer, and the motherboard the part that keeps it all together, then the CPU, also called a "processor" or "chip", is the brains of the operation. The [Read More]