Blocking Video Ads

I was asked recently at a blogger support group meeting what could be done about the video ads on some websites that load video and play with volume as soon as the page loads.

I agree that this is terribly annoying. There are two things you can do about this; leave the volume on “mute” all the time, or download flash and/or ad-blocking software for your browser.

Be aware, though; you cant just Google for “ad-blocking software,” this will get you into trouble especially if you dont know what you are looking for.

If you are using Firefox, go to the add-ons page and search for “ad-block” and “no-script”.
The installation procedures are easy, just follow the steps given.

If you are using Internet Explorer, I dont know what to suggest, because there is no established base of user-addable software for Microsofts browser.

If you’re using Chrome, go to Chromes websites and search for the same terms as at Firefox’s add-ons page.

Regardless of which browser you end up modifying this way, be aware that the no-scripting and ad-blocking may cause certain websites to look funny or otherwise malfunction.
If this happens, follow the instructions that came with the add-ons about how to “white-list” a particular website.

I will post a follow-up to this blog with more detail instructions later. Watch This Space.