Amd vs. Intel

AMD has long been the second-best CPU maker in the computer industry, behind Intel (maker of Pentium CPU’s). A few years ago, when AMD came out with its Athlon line of CPU’s, they took first place in the race to be best chipmaker.
After the release of the Athlon CPU’s, Intel came out with several less than outstanding chips, allowing AMD to rest on its laurels as fastest chipmaker.
But, while AMD was resting on its laurels, Intel came out with a plan to release newer, better and faster chips every year and a half, while shrinking the size of the CPU and adding more stuff to them.
And so Intel has done exactly what they said they would, much to AMD’s chagrin. In order to catch up, AMD has done several things, some very risky, which has led to new and underperforming CPU releases.

But now, it appears that AMD may finally have caught up to Intel with their new Phenom II CPU.

Revies are underway; if you are a gamer, you may want to check this chip out for your next system.