All your Facebook posts are now open to entire Internet

Facebook’s newest privacy and marketing changes now allow search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, to index and make readable all of your posts.

Facebook used to require that you were a ‘friend’ of any person whose posts and other details you wanted to see. The new default position is that everything in your Facebook profile is open to everyone to see unless you specify that it is private, post by post, and photo by photo.

If you dont specify privacy, Facebook opens you up for searching by the Internet. Including such people as: your boss, your future employer, your wife/husband/mother/father/etc, and last but not least, credit rating agencies and lenders who have started searching Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to see if you are a respectable and credit-worthy person.

So if you dont get that job, or that loan, just remember “next time, I’ll remember to set privacy.”