A New Year, A New Chance to Keep Posting

This is my third year of promising to post more and more often. Do you suppose this year I’ll actually do it? They say third time is the charm; I hope so.

Now on to the post.
Ten Threats for 2011

Bob Sullivan’s Red Tape Chronicles has presented his ten threats for 2011 that Web users will have to watch out for.
They are:
1: Geolocation (apps like Foursquare and Latitude)
2: More Internet connected gadgets (Anti-virus for your TV, anyone?)
3 & 4: Mobile phones, iDevices and Tablets
5: URL shortening (tinyurl and bit.ly)
6: Friendly Fire (personalized attacks pretending to be someone you trust)
7: Less spam (but more infected Facebook posts and tweets)
8: The Cloud (If Amazon can delete Wikileaks, they can delete you)
9: Hactivism (Hacker Activism)
10: Government sponsored virus/spyware.

If you wonder how likely these are, you can check out last years predictions here.