A Bad Valentine

There is an email currently making the rounds that has a Valentines Day-themed romantic message. The email has only one or two lines of text and a link to a web page.

Surely, I dont need to remind you NOT to click on any links in mysterious or spam emails, do I?

But, if you do need the reminder, and you DID click the link, it takes you to a web-page full of cute little hearts and a message that says “Guess which one is for you?” If you click anywhere on or near the heart pictures, you will be asked to run a program. This program is a virus, and it will ‘zombify’ your computer(allow someone from the Internet to take remote control).

The virus doesnt happen automatically; the email contains no virus, visiting the website will not automatically virus your computer(as can sometimes happen), YOU must download and run the virus. You will even be asked ‘are you sure?’ If you are using the Firefox browser, you will be asked twice.

So why the concern? Because in the month the email has been circulating, the amount of infected computers has been steadily rising.

So dont click the link! If you do, dont click on the webpage! If you do, dont run the program!

If, after all of this, you do run the program, save up some money for the sooner-rather-than-later repair you will need.